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drylin® gantry  

Multi-axis construction kit

Multi-axis gantries are machinery systems that can travel across predefined surfaces or volumes.
Our drylin® gantries are based on proven tribo technology, which means that all systems are based on gliding, self-lubricating linear units, allowing for life-long operation without external lubrication.
Typical applications include automation for pick and place, measurement/inspection automation, assembly handling, marking and labeling machinery and handling tasks for low-cost automation applications.

Maintenance-free, dry operation

Low noise

Insensitive to dirt and dust

Resistant to corrosion

Modular system

Standard product range available from 24 hrs

Free on-site consulting and design

System construction kit

Presentation of drylin® gantry product range by igus®
Video gantry in motion:
application example - pick & place inspection gantry

Gantries shipped from 24hrs  
Gantry 24hrs shop - ready-to-install gantries
Fully harnessed standard gantries from stock - at your door from 24 hrs!

The drylin® drive technology construction kit range provides different installation sizes, installation lengths to match the application requirements - starting at lot size of one. Find fully harnessed gantries from stock here.

Request custom gantry  
Your desired gantry not yet available from stock?
Request a gantry based on your application and installation parameters here.

drylin® multi-axis gantries are made using combinations of toothed belt axis that differ in type, size and arrangement. Depending on the loads, twin axis combinations or two to three-axis gantry robots are used.

Gantry types

Line gantry  
Line gantry

A line gantry is used to implement applications that travel vertically to the working plane.

Flat gantry  
Flat gantry

Flat gantries can reach predefined surfaces. Typical application examples include measurement and inspection automation.

Room gantry  
Room gantry

The room gantry is used to implement three-dimensional applications. The principle is based on a flat gantry with the appropriate cantilever axis.

Information on igus® products
Assembly plates  
Assembly plates

energy chains®  
energy chains

Drive unit  
Drive unit


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