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E4/light system applications

E4/light – The properties of the E4/light system have two effects: a reduced thickness of the lateral link (for all types) and a thinner crossbar (for some types: 14240, 14340, 1640). Lower weight, larger inner space and lower price besides a compromise in thickness. E4/light e-chain® attains solutions with an optimum price/performance ratio for many industrial sectors. Especially for short travels, hanging and small, standing designs. E4/light types are often the first choice.

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

Machine tools (enclosed E4/light tubes and open e-chains®), material processing, stone-cutting machines, wood processing machines, general mechanical engineering, vehicles, construction machines, limited application long travels.

E4/light is well-suited for hanging installation


Circular motion possible (also with two-side bending radius "RBR")


E4/light is ideal for machine tools


Series 1640 fillable with cables with up to 100 mm diameter


Vertical standing - E4/light system, possible up to 6 m


Bow chain

In customized special purpose machines for model- and mold-making, four different energy supply systems are used due to the high demands and low space requirement.

Bow chain    

Loading and unloading facility

These units can be used whenever wooden panel materials have to be transported, stacked, stored, turned or sorted.

Loading and unloading facility    

CNC machining centres

There are no standard component assemblies with these machining centres, because everything is tailor-made to customers’ specific wishes.

CNC machining centres    
Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.