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Realize circular motions up to 900° and more, even for high loads, using igus® rotation modules

Rotation modules

Rotation modules  
High stacking, much rotation…900°

With the rotation module you can implement larger angles of rotation of 900° and more. Thanks to addon modules the angles of rotation can be extended „virtually“ indefinitely.The rotation and add-on modules are ideally suited for rotary motions with high fill weights and limited space.

Several individual systems are stacked on each other and thus are combined to a complete system.

The maximum rotation of the individual levels can be easily added, thereby enabling rotary motions up to 900 degrees and more

Compact design enables the application even in limited space

Extendable „at will“

High additional loads possible

Chains can be freely assembled

Peripheral speeds up to 1 m/s

One layer for rotation movements up to 540°, two layers for up to 900°, higher rotation angle possible with more layers.

Application areas:Offshore, stacker and reclaimer, bucket-wheel excavators, rotary cranes, other rotating applications

Function system:

Is the defined rotation angle of the lower layer reached, the next upper module is carried along automatically due to an integrated anchorage system.

The construction minimizes potential interferences. The Multi-Rotationmodule-System is ideal for rotary applications, heavy loads and for rough environments.

Contrary to e.g. sliding contacts, the e-chain® can also guide hoses for air, gas or fluids, as well as bus and fibre optic cables.

Use also under harsh environmental conditions.


Available 6-8 weeks after receipt of order - customer specific

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