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iglidur® coeffiction of friction test

Are the properties of iglidur® plain bearings negatively influenced when continuously immersed in flowing water? In order to answer this question the igus® lab exposed six iglidur®underwater specialists to 688,000 litres of waterflow. The subsequent coeffiction of friction test showed no significant differences between new bearings and those that were used in the "wash-out" test.
coeffiction of friction test parameters:

Load: 0,7 MPa

Speed: 0,15 m/s

Bearing types: iglidur® A180, H4, H370, UW, UW500, X

Result:the performed water exposure resulted in no discernable changes of the plain bearings.

Friction test

Before/after: iglidur® A180 after immersion in 688,000 litres of waterflow.

Coeffiction of friction comparison

Coeffiction of friction comparison (orange: standard, grey: bushing from wash-out test)

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