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igus® materials in the test versus PTFE foils significantly more wear-resistant

Wear of machine parts depends on diverse influence factors. Thus designers are often confronted with the challenge of deciding between various material alternatives. With regard to wear behavior, igus® has now also compared its bar stock material iglidur® A160, as well as its tribo tape material iglidur® V400 on various counter partners with PTFE foils.
The trials were executed under the following test parameters:

Foils: iglidur® A160, iglidur® V400, and PTFE

Counter partners: Stainless steel, glass (in this case: Soda-lime glass, PET, and paper

Load: 10 N

Speed: 0,22 m/s

Temperature: 23℃

iglidur® versus PTFE foil  
Wear test

Title: Rotating wear – foil test stand F=10 N, v= 0.22 m/s, T=23°C
x-axis: Counter partners (1.4305, soda-lime glass, PET, paper)
y-axis: Mass wear (mg/km)



The tests with the PTFE foil show an extremely high rate of wear against all counter partners. Compared with the PTFE foil, the two materials, iglidur® A160 and iglidur® V400, show a significantly lower coefficient of wear, see diagram 1 and 2.

More information:

Bar stock A160  
Bar stock made of iglidur® A160

iglidur® A160 by the unit for free design. More wear resistant in comparison with the PTFE foil

iglidur® V400  
Wear resistant at high temperatures

Extreme wear resistance with soft shafts and in high temperatures up to +200°C

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