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Temperature-Wear testing

Polymer plain bearings have lower wear rate than PTFE plain bearings

Service life increases and costs are cut when plain bearings have reduced wear. A comparative test on behalf of a customer contrasts wear on an iglidur® H1 plain bearing with the previously used PTFE solution and other iglidur® materials. Testing was performed with the following parameters:

Travel distance: 40 km

Load 0,5 MPa

Test temperature: 23 °C and 130 °C

bearing types: iglidur® H1, iglidur® H4, iglidur® J350, PTFE-bearings

Temperature wear test  


The wear characteristics of all tested iglidur® materials are significantly better than those of the PTFE plain bearing. At 130 °C, the wear rate of the PTFE plain bearing is 55.7 µm/km, and 0.3 µm/km for iglidur® H1.

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