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iglidur® G1 wear test

The new iglidur® G1 material was subjected to various tests in the igus® test laboratory: wear tests in the low and medium-load range in pivoting and rotating applications, surface pressure tests at high temperatures and moisture-absorption tests.
Extract from the iglidur® G1 test programme

The video shows the medium-load test stand in the igus® laboratory.


A video of the iglidur® test laboratory.


Up to 75% reduction in wear in pivoting applications on very different shafts

The wear comparison was carried out under the following test parameters:

Load: 2 MPa / 45 MPa

Speed: 0.01 m/s

Shaft: aluminium, Cf53 and high grade steel

Bearing materials: iglidur® G, iglidur® G1 and metal/PTFE

Coefficient of wear in micrograms/cubic metre

Wear, pivoting: load 2 MPa, speed 0.01 m/s, y-axis: coefficient of wear [μm/km]

Coefficient of wear in micrograms/cubic metre

Wear, pivoting: load 45 MPa, speed 0.01 m/s, shaft material: Cf53, y-axis: coefficient of wear [μm/km]

Coefficients of friction of iglidur® G and iglidur® G1

Coefficient of friction, pivoting: load 2 MPa, speed 0.01 m/s y-axis; coefficient of friction [μ]


Test result

The tested bearings made of the new iglidur® G1 material displayed significantly better wear properties. The coefficient of wear in the low-load range of 2 MPa was up to 75% below the wear of iglidur® G and therefore considerably below that of the tested bearings of competitors made of a metal/PTFE compound. In the high-load pivoting application test with 45MPa the wear was also the lowest by far. In practice, this means a substantial increase in service life and therefore less maintenance.

Reduced wear in rotation tests as well

The wear comparison was carried out under the following test parameters:

Load: 2 MPa

Speed: 0,3 m/s

Temperature: 23°C

Shaft: aluminium hc; Cf53; V2A; high-grade steel

Bearing materials: iglidur® G; iglidur® G1

rotating wear - iglidur® G update

Wear, rotating: load 2 MPa, speed 0.3 m/s
y-axis: coefficient of wear [μm/km]

Pictures of the test:
iglidur® G1 against D-end shaft, pivoting

After the wear test: only minor traces of wear are visible in the bearing.

iglidur® G1 against D-end shaft, pivoting

After the wear test: The shaft only displays traces of solid lubricant transfer.


Test result

In rotating applications in the low-load range, iglidur® G1 displays considerably less wear on all tested shafts.

Results of the high-temperature surface pressure tests

iglidur® G1 proves to be stronger, especially in the medium-high temperature range of 80°C to 120°C. As a result, iglidur® G1 allows a maximum surface pressure that is considerably higher than that allowed by iglidur® G.

Surface pressure at high temperatures  

Results of the moisture absorption test

The tests indicates considerably reduced levels of moisture absorption and saturation. Bearings made of iglidur® G1 change their shape much less due to swelling under water or in damp surroundings.

Moisture absorption tests  
More information

... higher performance ... almost same price ...

The most successful plastic bearing in the world – iglidur® G - improved all round: iglidur® G1, the new standard

... higher performance ... almost same price ...    

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