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Covid-19: Preventive measures in Cologne headquarters

With a few exceptions, all igus motion plastics are manufactured at the headquarters in Cologne. Production here is currently running at full capacity and we have had hardly any breakdown in the supply chain, so far, as we have been implementing the two-supplier strategy for years without exceptions.

It is all the more important that we have been implementing over 100 preventive measures at the Cologne production site since the beginning of February, both those prescribed by the authorities and those that go beyond them. We have, for example, been sewing our own breathing masks for weeks now and offer free Covid-19 tests for all those returning from holiday.

Covid-19 tests for people returning from holiday

Free Covid-19 tests for all holiday returnees at igus

Since 13th July, we have been offering all employees who return from holiday and physically resume work on site, the opportunity to be tested for the coronavirus free of charge.

The test is carried out in co-operation with the renowned Quade laboratory in Cologne. The tests are offered once a week at the igus premises, and all week at the laboratory in downtown Cologne.

Field service with strict hygiene regulations

Hygiene requirements for our field service

Since 11.5.2020, our field service has again been allowed to visit customers under strict hygiene conditions.

Customer visits will only take place if a written invitation has been issued.

During the visit, the sales staff always keep the required minimum distance, have washed and disinfected their hands thoroughly before the appointment and wear a mouth guard.

All sales representatives were equipped with disinfectant and face masks.

Face Shields from Cologne

Donation: 100.000 headbands for Face Shields

Thanks to injection moulding, large quantities can be produced quickly and thus speed up help for doctors and nurses

We manufacture components for the so-called "face shields" by injection molding from recycled iglidur A200 material.

Dr. Thilo Schultes heads our tool shop and says: "With a corresponding tool, over 10,000 headshields can be produced and delivered per week in the Cologne factory. This enables us to mass produce the headbands quickly and at significantly reduced costs".

We have made the corresponding tool at our own expense. The first 100,000 headbands are available free of charge, afterwards they are available at manufacturer's costs. If we achieve net proceeds, we will donate these.


Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

Hand disinfectant dispensers are installed at all entrances, sanitary facilities, in the canteen areas and at many other places throughout the company site.

In addition, the cleaning intervals for all neuralgic surfaces such as door and window handles, handrails, table surfaces, sanitary facilities etc. have been massively increased.

At the main entrance, small bottles of hand disinfectant can be taken along "for your pocket".

Temperature measuring and face masks at the entrance

Temperature measuring and face masks

At the entrances, the temperature is measured daily for each employee. A face mask is issued and must be worn to prevent the spread of viruses as much as possible. For this purpose, employees in production and the canteen are paid a hardship allowance.

In addition, all doors in the building where this is possible are open to avoid contact with door handles.

The electronic time clocks have also been converted to contactless use.

In order to limit the group of people who enter the company building, we will not receive any customers, applicants or other external persons until further notice.

Employee information

Employee information

There are posters with hygiene rules all over the company site. These include regular hand washing and disinfection, sneezing and coughing labels, no hands initiative, but also things like healthy eating, lots of exercise in the fresh air, warm clothing etc.
In addition, there is information on how to recognise Covid-19 symptoms and how to act accordingly.
This information has also been sent by e-mail and there is a separate blog in the employee portal.
Furthermore, all doors that are not allowed to be open are marked with a sign indicating how to open them easily with your elbow.

Distance rules

Distance rules

In order to visually remind people of the applicable distance rule of 2 metres, appropriate floor markings are applied in all areas where increased passenger traffic is possible.
These areas include, for example, the canteens, paths to the changing rooms, the reception or the areas in front of the time clocks

Factory view

Staff density in production

In order to prevent the transmission of viruses as much as possible, the staff density was drastically reduced. In production, a 3-shift system was activated in order to equalize the personnel density.
In addition, care is taken to ensure that work is carried out as far apart as possible, at least 2 metres.
Absolutely necessary meetings are held with the minimum number of people and in compliance with the prescribed distances or, if possible, digitally.

igus employees in the home office

Staff density in sales and administration

All employees, who do not necessarily have to be on site, have been working in the home office since 13.03.2020. The few employees who work on site therefore have a great amount of distance between them.
All employees in the home office have complete remote access and redirected telephones for full accessibility.

With tools such as Microsoft Teams, customers can continue to receive full advice in virtual visits.​

Internal meetings are also exclusively digital.



Even in the current situation we want to provide our employees with the best possible catering. In order to offer maximum safety, 5 new, additional canteens were built in one week.
There are no more self-service counters and beverage stations. The overlapping shifts of canteen staff have been suspended.
In addition, we have completely dispensed with cash and now offer all meals free of charge in addition to breakfast and lunch, which were already free of charge before.

igus factory frontal

What else do we do for the people at igus?

Employees who, due to the current situation, have had to cancel holidays that have already been booked can carry over their holidays until the end of 2021.

The working hours have been designed to be as flexible as possible to allow for childcare.

How is the situation at igus?​

CEO Frank Blase described the situation on 31.3.2020 in this video.