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chainflex® bus cable CFROBOT8.PLUS

  • Requisiti: Per applicazioni di torsione
  • Guaina esterna: PUR
  • Schermatura completa
  • Resistente ai refrigeranti
  • Resistente al taglio
  • Resistenza agli oli: Resistente agli oli in conformità a DIN EN 50363-10-2
  • Non propagante la fiamma
  • Resistente a idrolisi e microbi
  • Resistente agli UV
  • Classe chainflex®:
Descrizione prodotto
chainflex® bus cable CFROBOT8.PLUS
Typical application areas
  • For extremely heavy duty applications with torsion movements
  • Almost unlimited resistance to oil, also with bio-oils
  • Indoor and outdoor applications, UV resistant
  • Especially for robots and 3D movements, handling, lead screw drives
Guaranteed service life for this series according to the guarantee conditions
More information: Garanzia chainflex®
Cycles *  5 million7.5 million10 million
Temperature,v max. [°/s]a max. [°/s²]Torsion max.R min. [factor x d]R min. [factor x d]
from/to [°C]TwistedTwisted[°/m][°/m][°/m]
-25 / -15  ±330±240±150
-15 / +6036060±360±270±180
+60 / +70  ±330±240±150
* Higher number of cycles possible - please ask for your individual calculation.
Technical note bus cables
chainflex® bus cables are specially developed and tested for continuous use in e-chains® applications. Depending on
the used outer jacket material and the design principle, the bus cables are designed for different mechanical requirements
and media resistances.
The electrical design is selected in such a way that, on the one hand, the electrical properties of the respective bus specification are reliably fulfilled, and the greatest importance is also placed on high EMC safety. A permanent stability of the electrical values despite permanent movement is also ensured.
However, the entire transmission property in a complete bus communication system is not exclusively
dependent on the cable used. Rather, it requires an exact coordination of all components (electronic components,
connection technology and cable) as well as the consideration of the maximum transmission rates which are dependent on the respective systems
in relation to the required data transmission rates. A cable is therefore not solely responsible for the secure transmission of the
igus® advises you in the design of the appropriate bus system, taking into account all these factors and carrying out extensive tests to
ensure the process reliability of your system from the start.
Certificati e standard
Resistenza agli UV<br>Alta Senza silicone<br>Privo di silicone che può influire sui processi di verniciatura (in conformità a PV 3.10.7 – aggiornata al 1992) UL/CSA<br>Tipo 1589 e 20236, 30 V, 80 °C EAC<br>Certificato in base a n. TC RU C-DE. ME77.B.01218 CTP<br>Certificato n. C-DE. PB49.B.00416 Senza piombo<br>In conformità a 2011/65/EU (RoHS-II) CEI<br>In conformità a CEI 20-35 Camere bianche<br>In conformità a ISO Classe 1. Materiale della guaina esterna conforme a CF27., testato da IPA in base allo standard 14644-1 CE<br>In conformità a 2014/35/EU
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