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Long-term test of a lubricant- and maintenance-free toothed belt axis

Intermediate report from an on-going test:

A long-term test analyses the wear on a drylin® E linear axis with motor.
This test uses a toothed belt axis of
type ZLW-1040 and a stepper motor of installation size NEMA23. The entire unit is lubricant and maintenance-free. The test simulates a traveling stacker magazine or a production system that moves material.

Traveling weight: 10kg

Speed: ca. 1m/s

Accelerationg: ca. 3m/s²

Ambient temperature: 25°C

The axis is being tested with a load of 10 kg.

Intermediate result:

No apparent wear after more than 1,000,000 cycles. This corresponds to a travel distance of approx. 1,000 km. The next evaluation is scheduled at 5,000,000 cycles, e.g. 5,000 km.


More information:

drylin® ZLW - Asse con cinghia dentata

Asse con cinghia dentata a completo scorrimento esente da manutenzione per il rapido posizionamento di piccoli carichi.

drylin® ZLW - Asse con cinghia dentata    

drylin® E - descrizione dei prodotti

Il miglioramento continuo degli strumenti e il concetto di sistema della tecnologia drylin® esente da lubrificazione.

drylin® E - descrizione dei prodotti