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z axis with longer stroke for the lubrication-free drylin® boom arm axes

Stroke x2 for gantries ...


The drylin® GRW-0630 linear module with dynamic rack and pinion drive has proven itself as Z axis in numerous gantry constructions. With a stroke extension to a maximum of 300 mm, available working area is increased by up to 100 %. For the system, ready-to-connect motor kits with NEMA 17 stepper motors are available from stock. drylin® E line and room gantries can now also be configured with the new GRW axis.

Direct force transfer via rack

Compact structure

For loads up to 10 N

Fitting NEMA stepper motors also available

Typical applications:Inspection technology, handling systems, automated machines, pick & place


Delivery program:

Dimensions [mm]
Part. No. Stroke, max. Axial load, max. [N] Feed [mm/rev] A -0,3 A1 H E1 ±0,15 E2 ±0,15
 GRW-0630-B 300 10 44 54 80,5 20 45 40 a richiesta 
Altre informazioni sull'articolo scelto:
Part. No. l hw f lt AM tg E3 E4 sg
 GRW-0630-B 110,5 42,5 4 15 121,4 M4 20 42,5 M4-8
Altre informazioni sull'articolo scelto:
Delivery times  

2-3 days

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