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Soluzioni igus® per imbarcazioni sportive e di altro tipo

motion plastics products for salt-water and weather-resistant boats, sports boats and other vessels

The requirements for components in sports boats and other vessels are specific: whether for an engine, an outboard motor or a rudder system in a sports boat, the constantly wet environment demands resistance to weathering and corrosion. Resistant to seawater, robust when exposed to wind and storms: these are the requirements igus products have to fulfil in the construction of vessels. At the same time, lightweight and functionality are important, for example in the interior of sports boats. Sports boats and vessels with igus products are well-prepared for the requirements on and under water.
e-chain systems installed in many boats and other vessels guide any cable reliably and safely during electrical adjustments. iglidur plain bearings and drylin linear guides use dry operation and move sliding doors, hatches, steering systems, lift systems and all other rotating and swivelling components on a boat quietly and in a maintenance-free manner. Not only on sports boats are igus products always 100% lubrication-free. Due to their design, which was repeatedly rewarded with the IF award, igus products also appeal to users as visible parts on boats, also because they are available in many finishes.

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motion plastics - lubrication-free mobility for boats, sport boats and other vessels.

Whether a prototype for a sports boat or boats in high-volume production, single components or ready-to-install systems such as linear modules with motors - all igus products offer you the motion plastics advantages for the specific requirements in water, also in the area of vessels:

  • Esenti da lubrificazione per tutta la vita del componente
  • Resistente alla corrosione
  • Funzionamento silenzioso e scorrimento uniforme
  • Montaggio facile e veloce
  • Grande varietà, ampia gamma di prodotti
  • Customised solutions from prototype to high-volume production

igus products in boats

Sample boxes from igus

Free sample boxes from igus

See for yourself the quality of our products for the furniture-making industry and industrial design segment and order our free sample boxes for plain bearing and linear technology.
Order the dry-tech box now
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Products for boats

igus products in sports boats


drylin W profile guides

  • Resistenti allo sporco e robuste
  • Facilità di montaggio
  • Leggera e silenziosa nel funzionamento


Pre-assembled e-chains and cables

  • Cavi a prova di guasto
  • strong and maintenance-free energy chains
  • Semplicemente energia in movimento

iglidur P

iglidur P

  • maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • low total moisture absorption
  • high load capacity


Tecnologia lineare drylin

  • temperature-resistant
  • chemical-resistant
  • Esente da lubrificazione

Giunti asso-radiali

Giunti asso-radiali

  • heat-resistant
  • chemical-resistant
  • Resistente all'usura

Guide lineari compatte drylin N

Low-profile drylin N linear guides

  • Low installation height between 6mm and 12mm
  • Peso ridotto
  • Four rail widths from 17mm to 80mm

igus solutions for other vessels

igus solutions for the interior design

Interior design

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