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Introduction: Designing with igus®

Table of contents
igus® e-chain systems®

...have the following task: secure supply of energy and data to mobile consumer equipment. They are suitable for universal applications:

For various types of motion and travel

Guidance of sensitive bus and data cables, as well as FOC, using the same techniques as with electric, gas, air and liquid hose guidance

Lasting operation under high dynamic loads in heavy-duty environments

Suitability for all types of environment and climatic zones

On the following pages, we offer important guidelines which are to be taken into consideration when designing safe e-chain systems®. All specifications are based on test results from the igus® laboratory and on practical experiences accumulated since 1971. In addition, we would like to point out our free project planning service: Fill out the fax form for igus® system project planning or make your technical specifications at, or give us a call. We promise: you will have a response or solution on the table in 24 hours (on work days).

igus® laboratory and practical experience

Our calculations and analyses are based on the result of ongoing pratical tests in our Technical Center and our experience of more then three decades with gliding applications. The focal points of our tests are push-pull forces, friction values and abrasion under widely varying conditions and speeds, as well as factors such as dirt, weathering or impact and bumps. We test all system components such as cables, hoses, strain relief and other accessories, in addition to the e-chains® or E_Tubes and guide troughs.

igus® factory in Cologne


The igus® laboratory for e-chains® and chainflex® cables